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Social Media Marketing

Boost your sales and brand awareness with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn Marketing. Facebook is a social network built for friends to share, so why not share your brand? Better yet, let others share your brand!

Social media platforms are changing the way consumers perceive brands. That is why, we are here to help your business with strategies, which will empower you to engage with the right audience effectively. To many people, the internet now means Facebook and Twitter before anything else. The Social side of the internet is still in its infancy and we will ensure your business gets the full benefit of this phenomenon. Integrating your website with social media is just the start, social media strategy ensure that your business in represented in the must suitable channels in the most effective way.

We are Social media marketing specialists and understand every technical detail of using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn to promote business, allowing you to focus on what matter to you more, running your business. We can manage all your social media activities from setting up new accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn to maintaining them on a daily basis. Updates will be posted to keep the fans happy and interested, and by that, increase the shares they do. What’s more, existing social media accounts can also be optimized and made more appealing to users. Our campaigns focus on results. You tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll get you there. Whether you need more brand awareness, likes, sales, followers, conversation or engagement, we’ll implement a social media strategy which will blow you away. That’s our guarantee.

Our Social Media Marketing service includes:

  • Create and design your Page according to your branding
  • Maximizing your online presence with regular updates and maintenance.
  • Post regularly at optimum times of the day/week to increase likes
  • Add your company as a ‘Spark’ to know who is talking about you
  • Encourage sharing to increase page views, likes to make your brand viral
  • Create discussions and customer feedback by asking engaging questions
  • Manage competitions, which increase brand loyalty and recommendation
  • Replying to enquiries and interact directly with users who post or comment
  • Promote your product or services subtly to increase your leads and sales
  • Share pictures, videos and links that will engage your users the most
  • Using analytic software to understand how users interact with the page
  • Drive traffic to your company website, which improves your search ranking
  • Interact with users to appropriately reply to any questions or leads.

Email Marketing

Use email marketing to keep your customers updated with your latest news and services.

Email marketing is a fastest and cheap way of getting close to people and presenting your products and Service. Email marketing is the best way to start advertising and usually about 90% of the sales are in the first couple of days. Using email lists for marketing purposes is the most inexpensive way of getting closer to potential customers that’s why all the big companies like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Bestbuy are doing email campaigns regularly. Sending constant emails with updates or new features and services that you offer, the name stays fresh in people’s mind so even if you don’t make a sale right away, it is more probable in the near future.


Communication is vital throughout all projects. Mediaminck is always excited to present our teams creativity for new customers. So if you have a small or large company, we want to deliver products to serve your customers goals in the best way.

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